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As a lover of fine personal care, you owe it to yourself to be in the know when it comes to the new perfume releases and other high-quality products from Laboratorio Olfattivo.

The newest products are available in one place for you to stay up on the latest in personal care items that delight the senses, revitalise the skin and keep you pampered. You’ve enjoyed many luxurious, handcrafted goods sourced from premium ingredients before. Why stop now?

Acquaint yourself with the newest in shower gels and liquid soaps. Your personal care regimen can only get better with the latest fragrances. Experience the joy of new aromas and scent combinations in your favourite spaces with bold new room sprays and reed diffusers.

Get to know new scents with a home discovery set that provides you the space and time to fall in love with new fragrances that are sure to soothe and intrigue.




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