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Niche, artisan perfumes

Get used to hearing, “You smell so good. What is it?” Our curators search far and wide for intense, unique fragrances composed by the world’s most finely-attuned noses and concocted by artisans, with a focus on combining notes in unexpected ways that make every last drop an evocative experiment.

Luxurious toiletries

It’s time to forget your harsh, hastily chosen generic products and transform your hygiene routine with toiletries that make the everyday feel special. Precede your favourite perfume with a caress of body lotion, freshen up with liquid and bar soap, or pamper your palms with rich hand cream and even Italian-made hand sanitiser that smells like anything but.

Introducing Rhizome fragrances

Lusso Collective is thrilled to have launched Rhizome in Australia and New Zealand. Offering unisex fragrances inspired by nature, minimalism, and design, Rhizome proves that there's no need to overcomplicate the simple things.

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  1. The Art of Decanting: A Personal Guide for Perfume Enthusiasts

    Decanting perfume is a skill that allows fragrance enthusiasts to create portable versions of their favourite scents or share samples with friends. As enthusiasts ourselves, we have brought together a guide to help you through the process of decanting your favourite perfumes at home, while prioritising the preservation of each fragrance.
  2. What Are 'Green' Notes In Perfumery?

    Green notes play an intriguing role in the art of perfumery. Traditionally considered minor elements, they have gained increasing importance in fragrance compositions since the 1960s. Defining green notes precisely can be a matter of debate, as terms like fatty, herbal, and green elicit different interpretations. 
  3. What's The Difference Between EDP, EDT & Perfume Oils?

    If you’ve been around perfumery for any length of time, you have likely stumbled upon some of the perfume world’s many acronyms, like EDT and EDP. However, if you’re just starting out, we understand that it can be hard to make sense of it all.

    In this article, we’ll lay out the different types of perfume strengths, what sets them apart, and the occasions each is suitable for.

Our story

Lusso Collective is a medium through which Australia and New Zealand can experience the most unique and luxurious fragrances that the world has to offer. As purveyors of the niche and artisanal, we continue to uphold the air of mystery and intrigue one finds with luxury scents by seeking new and noteworthy brands to enhance our collection. We represent only those rare labels with merchandise that tantalises and inspires not just the seasoned connoisseur but also the fledgling fragrance amateur.