Discover niche & artisan European fragrances

Niche, artisan perfumes

Get used to hearing, “You smell so good. What is it?” Our curators search far and wide for intense, unique fragrances composed by the world’s most finely-attuned noses and concocted by artisans, with a focus on combining notes in unexpected ways that make every last drop an evocative experiment.

Luxurious toiletries

It’s time to forget your harsh, hastily chosen generic products and transform your hygiene routine with toiletries that make the everyday feel special. Precede your favourite perfume with a caress of body lotion, freshen up with liquid and bar soap, or pamper your palms with rich hand cream and even Italian-made hand sanitiser that smells like anything but.

New Rhizome fragrances

Crushed Symphony joins the Rhizome Lab collection offering a warming peppery unisex scent both bold and charming.

The latest addition to the essentials collection, No 7 is bursting with vibrant bergamot and tangy rhubarb, while embracing the delicate allure of tuberose and iris.

Introducing MarieJeanne

MarieJeanne: Passionate perfumery, refined nature. Meticulously crafted scents, sourced with care. Commitment to health, sustainability.

Welcome to our fragrant world.

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