1. The Art of Decanting: A Personal Guide for Perfume Enthusiasts

    Decanting perfume is a skill that allows fragrance enthusiasts to create portable versions of their favourite scents or share samples with friends. As enthusiasts ourselves, we have brought together a guide to help you through the process of decanting your favourite perfumes at home, while prioritising the preservation of each fragrance.
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  2. What Are 'Green' Notes In Perfumery?

    Green notes play an intriguing role in the art of perfumery. Traditionally considered minor elements, they have gained increasing importance in fragrance compositions since the 1960s. Defining green notes precisely can be a matter of debate, as terms like fatty, herbal, and green elicit different interpretations. 
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  3. What's The Difference Between EDP, EDT & Perfume Oils?

    If you’ve been around perfumery for any length of time, you have likely stumbled upon some of the perfume world’s many acronyms, like EDT and EDP. However, if you’re just starting out, we understand that it can be hard to make sense of it all.

    In this article, we’ll lay out the different types of perfume strengths, what sets them apart, and the occasions each is suitable for.
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  4. Finding Olfactory Bliss: The Story of Lusso Collective

    At Lusso Collective, we believe that fragrance is more than just a scent; it's a story, an adventure, a journey. Our passion for unique, niche fragrances began with our founder Sylvie, whose love for discovering fragrances that no one else had heard of, kindled the beginnings of our luxury fragrance company.
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  5. The Lusso Guide To Layering Perfume

    After a lifetime of searching for your signature scent and studying the various compositions available, it may seem like sacrilege to blend two or more fragrances — but it could actually be the key to keeping your collection fresh, relevant and on rotation.
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  6. How To Choose Perfumes For Each Season

    As temperatures drop, gloved hands reach to woollen jumpers for warmth. Yet as quickly as the mercury rises, these winter staples are swiftly shelved away, like clockwork, in favour of breezy linen and summery puff sleeves. Though, who says that this habitual season-matching should be limited to just the clothes we wear? 
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  7. International Fragrance Day: 21st March

    March 21st marks International Fragrance Day, dedicated to recognising the art and science that goes into perfumery, and to appreciate the role that fragrances play in our daily lives. 
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  8. Top, Mid & Base: What Do Fragrance Notes Mean?

    If you’ve been interested in fragrance for any length of time, you’ll have heard of top, middle & base notes. So what exactly are they? 
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  9. How To Make Any Perfume Last Longer

    It’s everyone’s dream, isn’t it? To waltz into a room announced by your signature scent, and having it last on your skin without constantly reapplying.

    While some people’s natural body chemistry or favourite fragrance seem to create staying power with little effort, there are plenty of tips for ensuring the longevity of your perfume without applying an overpowering amount.

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  10. The Art Of ROADS: A Gallery Of Fragrance

    ROADS is a unique and experimental fragrance brand, but what truly sets it apart is its creative presentation. Each perfume in their extensive collection is matched with a unique artwork that founder Danielle Ryan personally curates to visually represent each composition of notes. 
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  11. Discover ROADS: Perfume Gone Global

    Lusso Collective is thrilled to launch another European fragrance brand to perfume lovers in Australia and New Zealand.

    Roads Fragrances, or ROADS, is the first Irish label to join Lusso Collective’s range, founded in 2013 by entrepreneur, actor and multi-talented creative Danielle Ryan. 

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  12. Rhizome & Milan; The Perfect Pairing

    Niche Italian perfume studio Rhizome — currently available in Australia exclusively through Lusso Collective — was founded in Milan, a world capital of style and culture. In this article, we’ve come up with a tour of activities and cultural gems to discover across Milan, mapped against the 6 fragrances in the RHIZOME ESSENTIALS capsule collection. Let’s begin!
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