Of all the fragrance families, floral scents are perhaps the most beloved and diverse. Whether sweet and delicate or complex and intense, this category comprises notes like rose, lily, and peony to create beautiful and captivating scents. 

From the powdery notes of violet and iris to the lush, exotic aromas of jasmine and ylang-ylang, floral perfumes have an enchanting quality that can transport you to a serene garden or a blooming field.

Floral perfumes can range from light and fresh to deep and sultry. Some are composed around a single note, while others combine multiple blooms to create a more complex and layered scent. 

Floral notes are also frequently blended with other scent families, such as citrus or woody notes, to create unique new scent profiles of varying strengths and complexity.

At Lusso Collective, we offer a range of floral fragrances that cater to different preferences and moods, crafted by Europe’s finest niche perfumers.

Some of our perfumes feature a light and airy composition perfect for daytime wear or warmer months, like the aptly named Flower Mountain by Roads Fragrances. Others have a more complex and rich aroma, such as Florio by Ortigia, a naturally distilled artisan fragrance sampling Sicilian wildflowers.




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