In the fragrant world of MarieJeanne, passion, artistry, and nature converge. From the captivating town of Grasse, the fragrance capital of the world, they meticulously craft perfumes that evoke emotion and tell a story.

With deep roots in the rich heritage of perfumery, MarieJeanne is committed to creating unforgettable scents using natural essential oils, carefully sourced to bring you the finest ingredients of perfumery.

Their founder, Georges Maubert, carries on a legacy that spans five generations, bringing his expertise and collaboration with world-renowned perfumers to each creation. From the plantation to the final product, MarieJeanne is dedicated to your well-being, ensuring traceability of our raw materials and promoting the use of natural materials.

With a commitment to sustainability, they consistently work to reduce waste and limit carbon dioxide emissions, all while crafting exquisite perfume bottles in French workshops and opting for elegant wooden packaging.

Welcome to MarieJeanne, where nature, luxury, and sustainability harmoniously intertwine.



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