Bringing Laboratorio Olfattivo to the shores of Australia and New Zealand has been a true passion project. 

While staying at the Gran Melia Urban Resort in the vibrant city of Rome - a truly luxurious space in every sense, I discovered the niche Italian perfume house, Laboratorio Olfattivo. Waiting for a treatment at the resort spa, I spritzed a little Cozumel onto my wrist - the name leaving me nostalgic of my time in Mexico a few years earlier. 

Opening with delicate notes of bergamot and Vietnamese Basil, the olfactory journey develops with a hint of wood and amber. Lingering with the spiced notes of sandalwood and cedar incense, I truly adore everything about this eau de parfum. 

So, naturally I purchased a bottle. 

Many compliments and a host of questions later, letting my fragrance lovers in on this little secret had become my mission. 

After much research, discussion and negotiation with the family-owned company from Palestrina, Laboratorio Olfattivo launched in Australia and New Zealand through Lusso Collective in 2017. 


Sylvie - Founder of Lusso Collective



Created in Italy, Laboratorio Olfattivo was born from inspiration and a dedication to artistic perfumery. Encapsulating the Italian aesthetic of luxury and quality, sensibility and charm, the art of perfume making shines through in each step of the perfume journey. 




In a constant state of innovation, the artistic workshop that lends itself to Laboratorio Olfattivo is driven by artists who are offered the freedom to nurture and explore their creativity. 

A place where the inspiration, ideas and visions of the most eclectic noses come together, producing sparks of originality that are transformed into the finest fragrances, made from the most precious ingredients. 

Celebrating the synergetic power of three truly great perfume masters, The Master’s Collection showcases the culmination of decades of experience and a steadfast passion for the olfactory experience with six luxurious and unique scents at the hands of Lucien Ferrero, Jean-Claude Ellena and Dominique Ropion


Long the sole distributor of Laboratorio Olfattivo, we are proud to have an exclusive new addition to a fragrance collection - Maison Tahité

Sure to tantalise and intrigue the fragrance connoisseur, the collection truly showcases the diversity and luxurious warmth of vanilla in all its forms, through five exclusive perfumes. 

Offering a range of unique interpretations of the exotic spice, each scent is held in an amber bottle inspired by a classic pharmaceutical style. 

Complemented by golden accents that speak to the luxurious nature of its contents, a focus on sustainability is maintained in their packaging, with a nod to the environment their scents are born from and inspired by. 

We continue to look for new and unique perfume brands to add to our collection, upholding the air of mystery and intrigue that comes with niche scents. 

Sylvie x