Finding and wearing the kind of unique fragrances that no-one else has heard about has always been my passion. The story of Lusso Collective began with a spa visit in one of Rome’s most luxurious resorts, and learning of a boutique Italian perfume house that I couldn’t resist purchasing from.

Returning home, I was immediately peppered with questions and compliments from my fellow fragrance lovers. How did I always manage to find such unique scents? Where could they get their own? 

The commercial importation of perfume is a notoriously fraught enterprise that few care to undertake, both depriving the Southern Hemisphere of olfactory bliss and creating an untapped treasure trove of foreign fragrances to be discovered. 

Lusso Collective is my passion project, established in my mission to seek and introduce such niche goods to Australia and New Zealand — representing eclectic and exceptional international perfume houses that truly deserve an extended audience.

I search the world over for unique fragrance lines to be exclusively distributed by Lusso Collective on our shores, received with open arms and curious noses by the local community of connoisseurs.

We continue to seek unique and noteworthy labels to add to our offering, upholding the intoxicating air of mystery and intrigue one finds with luxury fragrances — and that has captured us body and soul. 


Sylvie x