Art decorates the space we see, perfume decorates the air we breathe. 

If you seek rare and hard-to-find scents, look no further. Lusso Collective was founded by a fragrance lover, for fragrance lovers, on a mission to introduce niche European perfumes to Australia & New Zealand. 

Our online perfumery is our medium for representing eclectic & exceptional perfume houses that are not widely known in the Southern Hemisphere yet truly deserve an extended audience.

It takes some experimentation to find the best everyday perfume, and that’s the fun of it — there’ll often be multiple fragrances you gravitate towards, and it’s a unique kind of excitement to discover ones that feel ‘like you’.

Because it’s everyone’s dream, isn’t it? To waltz into a room announced by your signature scent, or to have people stop you in the street to ask, “Excuse me, what perfume are you wearing? You smell divine.”




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