Looking for perfumes with an elegant, masculine edge? The woody fragrance family is characterised by the use of wood-based scents like cedarwood, sandalwood, vetiver, and amber, ingredients that combine to create a warm and inviting aroma.

This appealing trait is detected across the expansive range of artisan woody fragrances on offer through Lusso Collective. While many lean towards the masculine, they all boast a timeless unisex allure that anyone can enjoy.

Woody fragrances are split into two main subcategories: mossy woods and dry woods. Mossy woods have an earthy, sweet undertone that is often associated with forest themes. 

Perfumes of this variety might contain notes of oakmoss, or patchouli, which are often used as base notes to add depth and complexity to other fragrances.

Dry woods, on the other hand, often have a smoky, leathery smell to them. These perfumes might contain notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, or oud, and they are often used as standalone fragrances. 

In addition to their use of wood-based smells, woody fragrances often incorporate other ingredients to create a more complex and nuanced fragrance. 

For example, many woody perfumes contain floral notes such as jasmine or rose, which add a touch of femininity to the fragrance. On offer through Lusso Collective, Club Tokyo by Roads Fragrances is the perfect example of a woody/fruity perfume.

Other popular ingredients include musk, patchouli, and amber, which can help to create a warm and inviting scent. The 02 and 05 eau de parfums by Milan fragrance house Rhizome are both woody/amber fragrances, combining wood notes with amber and patchouli.




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