Off the coast of Italy lies the island of Sicily. On its southeastern peak stands the historic town of Siracusa, at its core a tiny citadel that has endured for close to 3,000 years. It is from this ancient heart that Ortigia takes its name. Founded in 2006, this boutique fragrance house collaborates with master perfumer Lorenzo Villoresi to create opulent perfumes and toiletries using natural ingredients indigenous to Sicily, from rare amber and prickly pear cactus juice to neroli and petitgrain from the island’s sprawling citrus groves. Creator Sue Townsend is no stranger to luxury toiletries, having also co-founded botanical beauty brand Crabtree & Evelyn. Now residing permanently in Sicily, her passion is creating unforgettable scents from the island’s unique resources. Each item arrives in exquisite foiled packaging designed by Sue herself and telling of a rich Mediterranean history filled with merchants, exotic cargo and faraway travels in a time gone by.




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