• MarieJeanne Discovery Set
  • MarieJeanne Discovery Set

MarieJeanne Discovery Set

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The MarieJeanne discovery set enables you to smell and explore seven scents from the range creations in 2.5ml spray vials hand-made and packaged in France. 

Beautifully presented in a reusable cotton pouch.


Iris Pallida: EAU DE PARFUM / 28%

Jasmin Patchouli: EAU DE PARFUM / 22%

Tonka Lavande: EAU DE PARFUM / 22%

Vétiver Santal: EAU DE PARFUM / 20%

Adèle: EAU DE COLOGNE / 10%


Marcel: EAU DE COLOGNE / 8%

MarieJeanne, born in the fragrance haven of Grasse, is a brand that harmoniously blends passion, artistry, and nature. Their perfumes, meticulously crafted using natural essential oils, transport you to a world of sensorial delight. With a deep commitment to your well-being, they trace the origins of our raw materials and promote the use of natural ingredients, ensuring the highest quality and ethical standards. Embracing sustainability, they consistently work to reduce waste and offer eco-friendly packaging. MarieJeanne, where nature, luxury, and meticulous craftsmanship converge.

Iris Pallida Eau De Parfum
The finest iris butter and absolute are used to create a concise formula in which essences of sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver offers the pedestal of a modernised iris with a fresh hazelnut inflection. Cashmeran, musks and ambroxan add thickness to the note and brings sensuality and complexity for a contemporary scent.

Jasmin Patchouli Eau De Parfum
This fragrance is characterised by the absolute of jasmine grandiflorum from Grasse, known for its olfactory qualities and rarity. Combined with a modern patchouli, this fragrance is elegant and warm.

Tonka Lavende Eau De Parfum
With an aromatic start, this perfume combines lavender with the almond and gourmet aspect of tonka bean, which provides authenticity and freshness.

Vetiver Santal Eau De Parfum
Fresh and powerful at the same time, the hazelnut smell of vetiver and the milky sandalwood marries the sweet notes of benzoin and earthy notes of patchouli to create a perfume that combines elegance and modernity.

Adèle Cologne
Fresh and elegant, Adèle combines the powdery softness of Iris and the green of Galbanum, this Eau Fraîche delicately transports to a sunny garden.

Leon Parfum Enfant
Léon combines a honeysuckle and orange blossom combination, often associated to the delicious clean-scent and the one of babies as well to make way to a woody and musky base notes. Soft and comforting, this perfume is suitable for both children and adults.

Marcel Cologne
With its round and smooth perfume, Marcel revives the Cologne by giving it a new lease of life. It combines woody cedar and patchouli which is emphasised by the leathery ylang-ylang and aromatic lavender.


Beautifully packaged, ready to present

Whether you’ve ordered for a personal treat or you’re giving the gift of fragrance to a loved one, each bottle arrives beautifully presented in carefully considered layers that create a luxurious and meditative unboxing experience.

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