• MarieJeanne Tubéreuse Scented Candle
  • MarieJeanne Tubéreuse Scented Candle

MarieJeanne Tubéreuse Scented Candle

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Composed with tuberose from Grasse, this scented candle from the land of white flowers has a bewitching and sensual scent.

MarieJeanne candles are made from the finest natural ingredients. Each composition is concentrated at 12% which gives them this remarkable intensity during combustion. Carefully made with patience, the wax used is a unique blend for each fragrance of natural wax (50% of coco & colza) and paraffin wax (50%), the wicks are made in cotton lead-free. All the fabrication steps take place in Grasse.

240 G / 70 H

TOP: Bergamote (Italie), Freesia Bergamot (Italy), Freesia

HEART: Tuberose (Grasse), Jasmine (Egypt)

BOTTOM: Ylang-Ylang (Comores), Vanilla (Madagascar)

Take dark green glass hand-made candle out of the wooden box and light it up carefully with the long matches.

To fully enjoy your MarieJeanne scented candle please use our wick trimmer regularly to insure its length 0.5 cm.

To avoid uneven burning the candle must be burnt 2-3 hours.

Beautifully packaged, ready to present

Whether you’ve ordered for a personal treat or you’re giving the gift of fragrance to a loved one, each bottle arrives beautifully presented in carefully considered layers that create a luxurious and meditative unboxing experience.

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