Room Sprays

The spaces you love to spend the most time in are carefully designed and thoughtfully appointed with all the comforts you value. These curated spaces are not just about pleasing the senses of sight and touch; they should be about smell as well.

The home fragrance range comprises different fragrances to the personal perfume range. Included in this range are the 100ml bottle room sprays. Beautifully packaged and each bottle gives that little bit of luxury that every home needs to feel special and uplifted.

Laboratorio Olfattivo understands your desire to fully complete a room with a luxurious  room spray that cultivates feelings of peace, contentment, romance and desire.

Room sprays help create a mood. From dreamy to desirous, from tranquil to tantalising, there’s a room spray that creates the vibe that you want. High-end fragrances crafted by skilled artisans are formed from unique, inventive combinations of accords that create aroma stories that you’ll go back to time and time again.

These layered scents will inspire you to reimagine and realise what your favourite spaces can be. You haven’t compromised on the look, nor the luxury - don’t compromise on the fragrance.



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