Skin Care

Living your best life means enjoying the finer things in life and savouring all the special moments therein. These finer things are often idealised in possessions and experiences, but this should extend to your skin care products as well.

A life of wellness is one that also prioritises skin care and few understand this quite as well as Laboratorio Olfattivo. Reimagine self care with natural skin care products sourced from the world’s best ingredients.

From skin cleansers to body lotion, the superior formulas you require are available for skin that is cleansed and completely conditioned. Each product brings scent combinations that are conceived and crafted by skilled artisans who know that the quality ingredients yield quality fragrances.

Whether you’re washing or moisturising, these scents not only delight the senses, but they take you far away to places that are tranquil and restorative.




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