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Laboratorio Olfattivo offers carefully chosen personal care products inspired by and sourced from some of the finest ingredients that nature has to offer.

Our Biancofiore Liquid Soap comes in an easy to use 500ml pump bottle. The manufacturing of the liquid soaps is absolutely ecological as its basic ingredients are natural plant oils, which allows its creation without waste and pollution. The liquid soaps are completely biodegradable. They are made from renewable resources. The liquid soaps are well tolerated by all skin types and may be used in the shower as well.

When it’s time to hydrate your skin with a body lotion that smells good and has natural ingredients, we stand ready with premium products that truly elevate your experience. You don’t live a life of compromise, especially when it comes to your personal care regimen.

Choose one of our classic body lotions to hydrate your skin, or find a new favourite shower gel to transform your bathroom into a luxury spa. Any one of our toiletries will help you feel invigorated and very much spoilt with that little bit of indulgence.

Lusso Collective presents the best moisturisers to restore softness and smoothness to your skin with innovative fragrances from our perfume range that redefine what it means to pamper yourself. Give your body the aromatherapy that it deserves today.




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