Wear What When: A Sicilian Fragrance Itinerary With Ortigia

When packing for your next Sicilian getaway, don't overlook the power of fragrance for setting the mood or completing an ensemble! In this post, we're covering four key holiday moments and the perfect Ortigia products to go with them.

DATE NIGHT — When getting ready for dinner and drinks with that special someone, indulge in the dusky allure of Ambra Nera with a generous spritz from a 100ml bottle at your pulse points and, to quote Coco Chanel herself, "wherever you would like to be kissed." The exotic combination of labdanum and smoky spices will have any lover hypnotised in the very best way.

AFTERNOON ADVENTURE — Set off on a Sicilian day trip with a flowing linen frock, elegant straw sunhat and a convenient 30ml travel-size bottle of Zagara in your purse, perfect for freshening up if you happen to perspire. The citrusy notes of neroli, petitgrain and orange blossom will reinvigorate your senses and bring the world back into focus, fully facilitating your enjoyment of the Mediterranean beauty around you.

A HOTEL SIESTA — It's important to put your feet up and rest between social engagements and tourist traps. Find the nearest sun-soaked hammock or pillow-plumped day bed and sink into a state of relaxation with the cool, sweet and refreshing fragrance of Fico D'India emanating from a reed diffuser by your side. The juxtaposition of cedar oil and cactus juice with subtle powdery fig will have you dreaming of clifftop gardens in no time!

WHISPERS OF A MEMORY — Home is where the heart is, but it may be decidedly less inspiring than the trip you've just enjoyed. Call back that inspiration and joie de vivre with a candle in Florio that glows as brightly as those fresh memories. The delicate bouquet of jasmine, wild iris, passionflower and narcissus are sure to evoke pleasant recollections every time you strike a match!

Of course, it goes without saying that you needn't go to Sicily or even on holiday at all to enjoy the olfactory power of Ortigia's divine fragrances. The collection carries something for every aspect of your person and home, from rich body creams to triple-milled scented soaps. It's entirely possible to create the relaxing illusion of a getaway without stepping foot out of one's front gate!

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