Notes from the Founder: Sylvie talks Ortigia

We sat down with our founder Sylvie Murray to delve deeper into her passion for perfume and her current obsession with the Sicilian fragrance house Ortigia, currently on the shelves at Lusso Collective — which she began several years ago to "introduce new, predominately European brands to Australia."

Asked what made Ortigia stand out to her, she gushes, "The packaging and the branding is stunning. The aesthetics are essentially from the colours of southern Italy — absolutely stunning, and so perfect for the Australian lifestyle. We're lucky enough to have four bestsellers in the range."

So, does Sylvie have a favourite? That's like asking a mother whether they have a favourite child (perhaps, but they'll never admit it). Regardless, we request that she take us through each of the four Ortigia bestsellers.

First up is Zagara, "based around orange blossom from Sicily, a really beautiful aromatic fragrance with a little bit of freshness from the neroli as well." Spice, sandalwood and honey complete the tapestry, which Sylvie favours for summer.

Next, she introduces us to Fico D'India. "While it's from the cactus of the region of Sicily, it actually has a really aromatic kind of fragrance and has fig elements to it — really, beautifully unisex." The fragrance blends cactus juice and cedar oil with fig for a cool, sweet, subtle finish.

Moving onto Florio, a bouquet of passionflower, narcissus, jasmine and wildflowers, Sylvie says, "Florio is a really lovely fresh scent. It's fresh spring flowers from Sicily, that's really what it reminds me of. Fresh, young, vibrant, very pretty."

Of Ambra Nera, with notes of amber resin, oak moss, galbaum, labdanum and spices, she describes it as a "stunning woody, warm fragrance, perfect for the colder months but really anytime of the year. A bit moodier, a bit darker."

She looks at the array of bottles and boxes surrounding her. "We've brought in some bath and shower gel, some liquid soaps, body lotions, so we really do cater for everybody and all parts of your life." That's not even including the new candles, decorative plates or reed diffusers. And whilst the Eau De Parfums themselves are now available in 100ml sizes, she adds, "the 30ml of course is a great introduction if you haven't tried this brand before."

And Sylvie has always striven to create a luxurious experience in each aspect of Lusso purchase, from handwritten thank-you notes to a little something extra. "We really love to surprise our lovely customers and we gift most times either bath salts or sometimes these lovely single soaps as well...which I think is quite unique in the offer [compared] to what other people do."

Browse the Ortigia collection now and discover these four bestsellers for yourself.

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