Introducing RHIZOME, The Newest Label At Lusso

In botany, a rhizome represents the way roots grow underground, not linear but continuously intersecting themselves.

In perfumery, Rhizome is a niche Milan fragrance studio founded in 2019 by brothers Stefano and Andrea Aschieri — and it’s also the newest brand in the Lusso Collective stable.

Debuting its unisex collection of Eau De Parfums and candles to an Australian market, Rhizome proves that there's no need to overcomplicate the simple things.

The founders’ own introduction to niche fragrances was unsatisfying, leading them to old-school offerings with aloof, impersonal branding that didn’t resonate with their millennial sensibilities.

Thus, they created their own brand, seeking a balance of quality, minimalism and personality to offer contemporary fragrances that speak for themselves — whether to a seasoned connoisseur or someone exploring perfumery for the first time.

In the past, similar endeavours have seen them develop products for standout European retailers including Le Bon Marché, The Conran Shop, Rinascente, BEAMS, SKP, and Selfridges.

Rhizome partners with over 80 customers across Europe and is distributed in some of the biggest players in retail — including 10 Corso Como, Galeries Lafayette, Printemps, Gaudenzi, Wise Boutique, Tessabit, The Gloss and more.

Rhizome’s experimental approach not only evolves with industry standards but reflects the founders' backgrounds in design, art and fashion, from the fragrances themselves to the emphatic graphics that adorn each item of packaging.

Starting this month, Lusso Collective is thrilled to be bringing you RHIZOME ESSENTIALS, a core collection that ignores the common dichotomy of gendered fragrances in favour of fresh, unisex fragrances distinguished by numbers, not names.

Distilled from natural ingredients with key notes of woody, green, floral, spicy and amber, each formulation credits its lasting, full-bodied properties to a 16% concentration of essence.


01 is fresh and gentle, combining clear notes of incense and patchouli with eastern elements of cumin and nutmeg.

02 is a vigorous scent formulated with decisive notes of cedar and leather, balanced by gentle labdanum and vanilla.

03 balances citrus notes with basil and vetiver to evoke the freshly spiced air of an orange grove.

04 is an eclectic explosion of oud, vetiver, and white musk, resulting in an intense composition of woody and smoky notes.

05 is spicy and fresh, with amber and caraway combining to create a rich, refined, oriental fragrance.

06 creates a unique consistency in its base notes by layering amber with floral and talc, ideal for warm days.

Rhizome Products Available From Lusso


All 6 fragrances in the RHIZOME ESSENTIALS collection will be available in 100ml sizes.

CANDLES Available in 02 and 05, Rhizome's 150g scented candles offer 50 hours of burn time.

Rhizome is now available in Australia for the first time exclusively through our online boutique. 

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