4 Tips For A Luxurious Home With Ortigia

Which areas of your home could do with a little updating? Seeing as we've recently added new home products by Ortigia to our boutique, we decided to collate our personal suggestions on how you can use them to create a luxurious Sicilian atmosphere in your own home.

Safe to leave unattended, a reed diffuser is a set-and-forget homeware that sends up a continual fragrance. Place one strategically in your powder room to freshen the air at all times — we suggest Zagara or Fico D'India.

Relax in your living room after a long day with a beautiful candle releasing a soft, floral fragrance like Florio — or create a sultry atmosphere in the boudoir with a dark, spicy scent like Ambra Nera.

Nothing feels more luxurious than upgrading mundane activities — transform the simple act of washing your hands by swapping your harsh generic soap for hydrating, hand-cast bars in vegetable glycerine or olive oil.

4. SHOWER GEL, 300ml
Indulge in a little home aromatherapy with a potently-perfumed shower gel that releases a fragrant vapour as you prepare for the day ahead or unwind through your night routine — try Zagara or Fico D'India for morning invigoration, and Ambra Nera or Florio for evening tranquillity.

Are you already picturing how you're going to transform your space with Ortigia's exquisite Sicilian scents? All their products are formulated with ingredients indigenous to the island, not only bringing a little bit of Italy into your home but also offering genuinely natural fragrances without the hollow smell of synthetic ingredients.

We invite you to browse the Ortigia collections now and map out an olfactory landscape for your personal haven.

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