The Lusso Guide To Layering Perfume

After a lifetime of searching for your signature scent and studying the various compositions available, it may seem like sacrilege to blend two or more fragrances — but it could actually be the key to keeping your collection fresh, relevant and on rotation.

Discovering two scents that complement each other and create a totally unique third is an exciting enterprise indeed.  Here are the tenets we follow when doing it ourselves:

Do Your Homework

Understanding the overall makeup of your perfumes is paramount to finding a combination that works. There are four main fragrance families: fresh, floral, woody, and Oriental (or “ambery”), as laid out on the Lusso Collective homepage. 

It's okay if you can't tell just by smelling what you already have — perfumes in the same family can vary wildly, and there's no shame in looking up the compositions! 

Compare & Contrast 

Once you know what you’re working with, pair one perfume with another in the exact opposite family: e.g. fresh with amber, floral with woody. 

For now, avoid pairing two similar fragrances, as you won’t be able to get a feel for the nuances yet. 

For example, we likely wouldn’t pair Ortigia’s Ambra Nera with Rhizome’s 05, as they are both woody amber fragrances, but we would try pairing each with a fruity floral like ROADs’ Neon, or a soft Oriental like their Improved Silence.

To start, try matching your favourite perfume with one you use the least, and see what you think.

The Weighting Game

The weight of your perfumes matters when mixing. Woody and amber notes tend to be quite heavy, which can be too much when paired together. Try to pair two light perfumes together, or a light one with a heavy one.

Also consider the alcohol content. Two Eau De Parfums (EDPs) will have more staying power than two Eau De Toilettes (EDTs), but may be too strong together. Pairing an EDP and an EDT instead could strike the perfect balance.

Scent particles need moisture to cling to for longevity, so applying the heavier, warmer perfume first can create a foundation for the lighter fragrance to blend with. 

Think Beyond The Bottle

Layering isn't restricted to just perfumes. Body lotions and balms can be a great first step into the world of perfume pairing! 

Applying a scented body cream as soon as you step out of the shower can not only seal in moisture, which keeps you hydrated and soft, it also primes the skin for perfume to cling to, and can act as the first layer of fragrance. 

Available in our online boutique, Ortigia’s range of naturally scented toiletries are a wonderful starting point for this exercise.

Journal Your Findings

Keeping a journal of combinations that work and don't work for you will make the trial-and-error process easier. This is your chance to be as creative and experimental as you want, and while it can feel novel and strange, it’s a charming way to find a perfume that is uniquely you. 

Plus, it’s the perfect excuse to tuck yourself away with a hot drink and a flickering candle to enjoy a little ‘me time’...

Enjoy experimenting! Join us over on Instagram and leave us a comment to let us know what combinations you discover.


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