Finding Olfactory Bliss: The Story of Lusso Collective

At Lusso Collective, we believe that fragrance is more than just a scent; it's a story, an adventure, a journey. Our passion for unique, niche fragrances began with our founder Sylvie, whose love for discovering fragrances that no one else had heard of, kindled the beginnings of our luxury fragrance company.

Our Story

Sylvie's quest for exotic scents led her to Rome, where a visit to one of the luxurious hotels in the city sparked her interest in an Italian perfume house. She couldn't resist the boutique brand and upon returning home, was immediately showered with compliments and inquiries from fellow fragrance enthusiasts. It was unique and as such, not easy to find.

This sparked Sylvie's inspiration to establish Lusso Collective, with her mission being to introduce such niche fragrance brands to Australia and New Zealand. The notoriously fraught nature of commercial perfume importation was no deterrent, Sylvie was determined to bring a trove of foreign fragrances to her home continent.

This passion project has now become a home for fragrance connoisseurs, representing eclectic and exceptional international perfume houses that are underrepresented in the Southern Hemisphere. In her search for unique fragrance lines, Sylvie is continually researching and discovering scents from around the world, and with her unwavering commitment to quality, she is very deliberate in her chosen brands. Only a curated selection of prestigious and elusive brands are handpicked for our collection.

As the business has evolved, so too have our offerings. From being the exclusive stockist of well-known brands like Laboratorio Olfattivo, we’re now introducing modern up-and-coming brands such as Roads to the Southern Hemisphere. Sylvie’s taste and curation of Lusso Collective’s range is what the community trusts, while the personalised service offerings make moments even more special.

Our Offering

Today we are so proud to be stocking Ortigia, Rhizome & Roads, while continuing to seek the exceptional. We hope to provide education and guidance through the process, while ensuring the experience stays luxurious, sensory and enjoyable. As part of our own appreciation of perfumery, we’ve recently updated our website with a new classification system that divides our offering into four main categories, making them easier to explore and understand.

We also care to make every part of our customer experience unique, with each of our packages carefully wrapped in considered layers. Creating a luxurious and meditative unboxing experience for yourself or a loved one, complete with handwritten thank-you notes and a little gift from us, is how we show our appreciation to fellow scent aficionados. From scent vials to toiletries, we slip free samples into every order, allowing our Lusso lovers to further explore our library.

Our Stockists

Over our seven years, we’ve not only provided our customers with unique and captivating fragrances, but also built strong relationships with our stockists who understand and share our passion. One such special partnership we have is with Working Style NZ, beginning five years ago.

We have taken care of all logistics and challenges of importing fragrances for them, to ensure a smooth and easy experience for their business. We’ve also provided comprehensive training manuals for staff and assisted with point-of-sale displays, including promotional materials and visual merchandising support. On special occasions such as Father's Day and Christmas, promotional content has been provided to ensure campaign success.

When selecting our stockists, we take great care to curate a list that aligns perfectly with the international brands we represent. We work closely with each stockist, providing complimentary testers, samples, and training manuals. Whenever possible, we conduct in-person training sessions to ensure that the staff are well-equipped to display and educate their customers about our exquisite fragrances.

At Lusso Collective, we pride ourselves on providing all the necessary assets, not just from the parent company, but also the assets that we create ourselves. This comprehensive support gives our stockists the best chance to succeed, and provides their customers with an exceptional experience.

As a smaller distributor, Lusso Collective takes a hands-on approach when working with our stockists. We believe in building strong relationships and providing personalised support to help our partners thrive. With innovative warehouse management, we have been able to refill stock quickly and ensure customers always have access to their favourite fragrances.

Another of our long-standing and cherished partnerships is with Viktoria and Woods, whom we’ve spent six years nurturing. Through this collaboration, we have provided the label with a perfume category that sets them apart from their competitors. We believe in offering our stockists unique and exclusive offerings that give them a distinct advantage in their respective markets.

We are grateful for the trust and support of our stockists, and we look forward to continuing to nurture these partnerships as we explore new opportunities and spread the love for fragrance throughout Australia, New Zealand, and beyond.

We pride ourselves on the quality and rarity of our selection, which captivates the senses and enamours fragrance enthusiasts. We’re constantly evolving to include new and noteworthy brands that join the ranks of our exclusive offerings, so we invite you to continually check in, follow our socials and subscribe for the latest updates and news from Lusso. 

Join us on our journey as we uncover the world's hidden treasures, and indulge in daily rituals. We’ll find you the perfect fragrance that truly speaks to the soul and elevates mundane moments. 

Here’s to another seven years together.

Lusso Collective



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