How To Choose Perfumes For Each Season

As temperatures drop, gloved hands reach to woollen jumpers for warmth. Yet as quickly as the mercury rises, these winter staples are swiftly shelved away, like clockwork, in favour of breezy linen and summery puff sleeves. Though, who says that this habitual season-matching should be limited to just the clothes we wear? 

In the same way that we dress for the seasons, perfume is an often-overlooked aspect of transitioning your wardrobe — and mindset — from one season to the next. Read on for Lusso Collective’s tips on choosing the right fragrance year-round — particularly in our Australian climate.


It is finally the time of year for unabashed beachside relaxation and European escapades, so your perfume should reflect this! If spring is the season for whispers of fresh and fruity scents, summer is the time to wear them loudly and proudly by spraying on both skin and clothing. 

For those looking to incorporate experimentation into their summer fragrance journey, try layering perfume on top of body lotions, like the naturally perfumed range from Ortigia, to accentuate a particular note or accord. 

Better yet, create a foundation of contrasting warmth for the sweeter citrus and floral qualities to cling to and bounce off!

We suggest:

Cloud Nine (fresh/clean)
— Flower Mountain (floral/citrus)
Harmattan (fruity/spice)
Desert Dusk (floral/botanical)
03 (fresh/citrus)
Fico D’India (fresh/green)


Thrust back into the thick of everyday routines and gradually greying skies, there's no reason to let your perfume fall by the wayside as well! 

Though we must say goodbye to the warmth of the summer sun, continue to carry the heat in your chosen fragrance with warmer ingredients; base notes of musk and spice can heat up any room, whilst earthy, woody scents nod towards the foliage shifting from summery greens to autumnal oranges.

We suggest:

Improved Silence (soft oriental)
Club Tokyo (woody/fruity)
Big Sky (citrus/woody) 
—  01 (woody/aromatic)
— 02 (woody/amber)
Zagara (citrus/floral)


Ushered inside where heaters are set on high and blankets are strewn across every possible piece of furniture, take this as your opportunity to reawaken your senses from their hibernation with bolder, full-bodied perfumes. 

You can never go awry with a gourmand perfume of sweeter (and delicious!) notes. Spices, vanilla, and caramel will all work to delight your nose as much as they will your stomach, especially when paired with woody and amber notes at the base.

It may also be worth opting for a perfume oil or Eau de Parfum (EDP), rather than an Eau de Toilette (EDT). The cold climate and harsh heaters can limit your body's natural oil production response, and the lack of moisture on the skin means less of a barrier for your fragrance to cling to. Eau de Parfums, a traditionally stronger formula of at least 15% perfume oil, will maintain their impact during gloomy weather.

We suggest:

Past | Presence (woody/spice)
Art Addict (oriental/sweet)
Harmattan (fruity/spice)
05 (woody/amber)
04 (woody/aromatic)
Tropical Dance (woody/sweet)
Ambra Nera (woody/amber)


Inching ever closer to the return of the sun's welcoming rays, light and calming perfumes are the perfect match for Spring's budding arrival. Fresh notes complement the airy heat, while flowery and citrus notes bring a shimmer to any garden outing. 

There is no better time to experiment with layering scents than in spring — marry the cool and warm together with a fragrance that is floral or citrus-laden in the top, and grounded like a plant in the earth by a warm, heavy base, like Vanilla or Musk.

Just as a stronger perfume formulation can counteract the coolness of the Autumn and Winter months, the rising heat and drawn-out daylight offer ample space for an Eau de Toilette or lighter Eau de Parfum.

We suggest:

Bitter End (herbaceous/green)
I Am Dance (citrus/fresh)
— Afropolis (fresh/ aromatic)
03 (fresh/citrus)
Florio (soft floral)

Though our seasonal wardrobe transitions may present us with logistical challenges (like forgetting where you stored your knitwear from last winter), perfume is a much more adaptable accessory, which is ideal for cities with unpredictable weather, like Melbourne and Sydney. 

In our climate, you may be wearing your freshest spring fragrance one day, and your warmest winter scent the next — in the middle of summer!

We understand that decoding the many intricately considered notes of a particular fragrance can feel like a science in and of itself. As such, we encourage you to explore our newly introduced scent classification system, which divides our catalogue of niche artisan perfumes into their individual Woody, Fresh, Floral, and Oriental families.

Whether you're seeking a fragrance to accompany you on your next summer road trip or a fragrance to relieve you from the winter chills, we are sure to have something for every forecast. Start your seasonal scent exploration right on our homepage.

Relish the journey!

Lusso Collective



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