International Fragrance Day: 21st March

March 21st marks International Fragrance Day, dedicated to recognising the art and science that goes into perfumery, and to appreciate the role that fragrances play in our daily lives. 

It was established in 2017 by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA), the regulatory body that ensures perfumes are created with the safest ingredients to science-backed standards, and raises awareness of the importance of responsible fragrance creation and usage.

International Fragrance Day is celebrated by anyone with an appreciation for the power of scent, whether fragrance companies, connoisseurs, or amateur perfume lovers.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the history of perfumery and its cultural significance, explore new fragrances, and show appreciation for the people who create the perfumes that we love.

Lusso Collective embraces the intentions of International Fragrance Day, as it is our founder Sylvie’s appreciation for niche, artisan scents that led to the creation of our online perfumery.

Not just in the spirit of International Fragrance Day but all year round, we love to share our insider knowledge about the world of perfumery and help you navigate the incredible offerings we continue to source from far-flung fragrance houses that wouldn’t otherwise make it to the Southern Hemisphere. 

As part of our own appreciation of perfumery, we’ve recently updated our website with a new classification system that divides our offering into four main categories, making them easier to explore and understand.

And this exploration of perfumery is a journey best undertaken in good company. Our founder & director Sylvie passionately plays the role of fragrance concierge, offering a personalised tour through our offering to recommend unique options tailored to your lifestyle, mood, and personality.

Sylvie takes you through the story of the labels we represent and the unique compositions that set each of their collections apart, clarifying the nuances of the different fragrance families present in each.

This personal dialogue between Lusso Collective and our Lusso Lovers is just one aspect of creating a luxurious experience even before you open your perfume bottle.

We wrap each package in carefully considered layers, creating a luxurious and meditative unboxing experience for yourself or a loved one, complete with handwritten thank you notes and a little gift from us.

From scent vials to toiletries, we slip free samples into every order, allowing our Lusso Lovers to further explore our library of niche artisan fragrances with surprises we know they’ll adore.

Whether you’re indulging in retail therapy or giving a gift, we welcome you to reach out today if you need a little help choosing — and invite you to explore our newly updated collections.

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