The Best Fragrances For Spring.

With spring flowers in full bloom, Laboratorio Olfattivo brings a sense of luxury to springtime scents with fragrances crafted by skilled Italian artisans who just know how to combine rare and beautiful ingredients. 

The award winning Baliflora.


Experience the joy of invigorating scents of citrus, or fall in love with delicate florals representing some of nature’s most intoxicating aromas. From fresh citrus that is sure to tantalise, to subtly sweet florals - there’s a fragrance or two that will leave you nostalgic for the gentle warmth of the spring air. 

Our best seller Nun.

From fragrant notes that evoke memories of a day at the beach, or a walk through a Sicilain orchard, you’re sure to find a perfectly personal perfume among this eclectic list of must have spring fragrances.

Fresh and floral Décou-Vert.

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