We are proud to introduce the latest addition to our perfume collection, Maison Tahité.

Sure to tantalise and intrigue the fragrance connoisseur, the collection truly showcases the diversity and luxurious warmth of vanilla in all its forms, through five exclusive perfumes.

Offering a range of unique interpretations of the exotic spice, each scent is held in an amber bottle inspired by a classic pharmaceutical style.

Complemented by golden accents that speak to the luxurious nature of its contents, a focus on sustainability is maintained in their packaging, with a nod to the environment their scents are born from and inspired by.


Nose: Lucien Ferrero

An unusual fragrance with precious vanilla absolute elevated by splendid iris concrete and hypnotic violet absolute. Ingredients that give life to an intriguing and immersive combination.


Nose: David Maruitte

The sweet notes of vanilla carried by the sea wind. A seductive mis of sea, salt, vanilla and wood. Enriched with a touch of jasmine to give harmony and elegance to the composition.

Each sample comes in environmentally friendly packaging.


Nose: Lucien Ferrero

An enchanting trip to Jaipur, immersed in the millennia-old scents of vanilla absolute and precious and sensual sandalwood. A composition rich in natural and precious ingredients.


Nose: Marie Duchene 

For true lovers of vanilla fragrances. An enveloping, immersive gourmand journey that heightens the beauty of this fragrance to the power of two. A journey in which vanilla is accompanied by sweet praline and talcum powdery notes that rest on a resinous base that leaves behind a fascinating trail.


Nose: Marie Duchene

Citrus fruits, sweet flowers and resins in a graceful combination that is never excessively rich. Hints of patchouli and benzoin enrich the base of this citrus floral formula. Giving body and persistence to the fragrance.



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