The Best Fragrances For Father's Day by Laboratorio Olfattivo

During these trying times, it's important to reconnect with the ones we love. With Father’s Day only around the corner, Lusso Collective’s luxurious collection of unique fragrances is sure to make the perfect gift (or personal treat). Crafted by some of the world's most renowned perfumers’, it will be guaranteed to impress the special man in your life.

Embodying the epitome of luxury and quality, these Italian-made fragrances combine rare and precious ingredients, carefully selected by skilled artisans to create the finest of fragrances, for the finest of individuals. Elegantly wrapped with packaging, making them the perfect gift that’s ready to present.

If you're looking for something extra special, then the ’Nero’ collection by Laboratorio Olfattivo’s is guaranteed to hit the mark. This collection of fragrances where black, the symbol of elegance, luxury and mystery represents the perfumes with complex formulas, made with precious raw materials inside. This Eau De Parfum range includes Nerotic, Vanhera, Sacreste and of course Nerosa, one of our best sellers.

Our perfumes are also available to sample through our Discovery Sets. These sets include all fragrances from the eau de parfum collection, housed in 3ml bottles, elegantly packaged in neat box.


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