Introducing MarieJeanne

Lusso Collective is thrilled to have launched MarieJeanne in Australia & NZ. In the fragrant world of MarieJeanne, passion, artistry, and nature converge. From the captivating town of Grasse, the fragrance capital of the world, they meticulously craft perfumes that evoke emotion and tell a story.

With deep roots in the rich heritage of perfumery, they are committed to creating unforgettable scents using natural essential oils, carefully sourced to bring you the finest ingredients of perfumery. 


Grasse, known as the world capital of perfume, has been recognized as an intangible cultural heritage site by UNESCO since 2018. This beautiful town is internationally renowned for its emblematic flowers, including the tuberose, jasmine grandiflorum, and centifolia rose.

Georges Maubert, a native of Grasse, has been deeply immersed in the world of perfume since his childhood. He has a profound understanding of the treatment of each local flower and the art of creating scents. As part of the fifth generation of the Robertet company, a world leader in natural raw materials, his family has been involved in the perfume industry as farmers, chemists, perfumers, and sourcing experts since 1850. Through their ancestral knowledge, they have mastered the craft and developed exquisite fragrances for your enjoyment.


From a young age, Georges was captivated by the myriad of scents in the Grasse region, particularly those from the rose fields and the orange blossom fougassettes of Maison Venturini. He would often wander around the Robertet laboratories, playing the role of an apprentice chemist, and immersing himself in the fascinating world of perfumery. At the age of 14, he embarked on his first internship at the Chanel creation laboratory, working alongside renowned perfumers Jacques Polge and François Demachy. This enriching experience solidified his passion for perfume. While pursuing his studies at the Instituto Marangoni, he concurrently worked as a marketing assistant for the Robertet group in Paris.


In 2014, Georges launched Marie-Jeanne, a scented candle collection. Over the years, he gradually expanded the line and eventually introduced his first Colognes in 2018, followed by his first eaux de parfum the following year. In his continuous quest to offer innovative formulas, Maubert frequently visits cultivation sites, such as those in Morocco for Neroli, New Caledonia for santal wood, Madagascar for vanilla, and Turkey for iris. These journeys have inspired him to create the exquisite eau de parfum, iris pallida, and the refreshing eau fraîche, Adèle. He also frequently returns to Grasse for the harvest of local flowers like rose centifolia, jasmine, and mimosa, as they continue to be a source of inspiration for his creations.



At the heart of fragrance creation lie the raw materials, each possessing its own unique olfactory identity. MarieJeanne is committed to sourcing these authentic scents through sustainable agriculture. Georges Maubert expertly highlights the essence of these raw materials through his craftsmanship. In the creative process, he starts with the discovery of a natural raw material or an idea conceived in the laboratory. By collaborating with renowned perfumers such as Alexis Dadier, Sidonie Lancesseur, Karine Vinchon, and Michel Almairac, he simplifies the formulas to focus solely on the pure essence of the perfume.

Our range offers four exquisite Eau De Parfums: Tonka Lavende, Jasmin Patchouli, Vetiver Santa, and Iris Pallida.



Inspired by the traditional formulas of perfumery, our original colognes infuse a sense of rigor and genuine emotion. Georges Maubert created the MarieJeanne brand in honor of his grandmother, Marie-Jeanne, who had a deep attachment to Grasse and its region. It is this heritage that he strives to share through his creations. Drawing inspiration from the scents of his childhood, his garden, and the people around him, Maubert revives ancient formulas passed down through generations, creating something both new and reminiscent of the past.

The collection offers three captivating colognes to explore: Leon, Marcel, and Adele.


MarieJeanne candles are meticulously crafted with the finest natural ingredients. Each composition is concentrated at 12%, providing a remarkable intensity of scent during combustion. Made with patience, the candles consist of a unique blend of natural wax (50% coco & colza) and paraffin wax (50%), with lead-free cotton wicks. All production steps take place in Grasse, ensuring the highest quality.

Discover Geranium, Tuberose, and Jacqueline, our three exquisite candles from MarieJeanne.



The MarieJeanne mists have been thoughtfully developed using natural essential oils known for their beneficial properties on the mind and body. They can be used as perfumes or sprayed on clothing and in interior spaces to create a relaxing ambiance. Each mist is a carefully blended combination of natural essential oils mixed with organic alcohol.

Choose from our selection of four mists: Brume Matcha, D'été, D'hiver, and D'oreiller.


MarieJeanne takes great pride in working with passionate producers and experts who prioritize sustainability in the sourcing of natural raw materials. We certify that none of our products or components have been tested on animals, and our entire collection is vegan-friendly. We believe in placing humans at the heart of our process, which is why we have chosen to collaborate with Robertet, a perfumery industry leader dedicated to environmental sustainability and fostering human connections. Together, we strive to reduce waste, limit CO2 emissions, and manage our water footprint throughout our production process.

Georges Maubert has opted for minimalistic packaging, allowing the focus to be on the perfume and its formulations. The wooden packaging is entirely unique, eliminating the use of plastic and unnecessary waste.

The presence of green in our bottles symbolizes nature while paying homage to the industry's history and the original color of laboratory bottles used to preserve essential oils and absolutes. Each perfume bottle is crafted in French workshops, and every candle is meticulously handcrafted by glass blowers, making each piece of packaging unique to MarieJeanne. Beautiful and functional, we encourage you to repurpose our packaging in your home once the product is finished.

Find the full range here to explore. 

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