A Soirée to Remember at Peony Melbourne

Picture this: the enchanting ambience of Peony Melbourne, bathed in the soft glow of candlelight, as an exclusive gathering of perfume aficionados and passionate clients immerse themselves in the world of MarieJeanne. A soiree to launch our new brand, Maire-Jeanne and welcome the community to an evening filled with the finest fragrances, and delectable treats.


Peony Melbourne, nestled in the leafy suburb of Hawthorn, Victoria, opened its doors in 2003 in the time-honored Auburn Village. This historic shopping strip, with its impressive Victorian buildings and European charm, has captured hearts since the 1850s. It was the ideal backdrop for this soirée of scent.

Drawing upon our curated collection of MarieJeanne scents, the collaboration with Peony Melbourne was a natural fit. The brands commitment to quality and originality extends to our exclusive partnership with Peony Melbourne, helmed by the passionate owner, Jill Timms. Our shared philosophy and appreciation of  fragrances guided our selection for the evening and highlighted MarieJeanne’s exemplify sustainable and fair-trade practices. Their commitment to create social change, and prioritising the use of the finest quality natural ingredients were all things both we and Peony wanted to celebrate.


As the evening played out, it was a pleasure to share the details and intricacies of the brand with the exclusive guests. This renowned fragrance house, rooted in the captivating town of Grasse—perfumery's holy grail—nurtures the intersection of passion, artistry, and nature. Their perfumes are meticulously crafted, telling stories and evoking emotions like no other.

MarieJeanne's founder, Georges Maubert, carries on a legacy spanning five generations, infusing each creation with his expertise and collaborating with esteemed perfumers worldwide. With a commitment to your well-being, MarieJeanne utilises natural essential oils carefully sourced from sustainable origins, creating unforgettable scents that captivate the senses.


Appreciating the importance of sustainability, MarieJeanne strives to reduce waste and limit carbon dioxide emissions, making sure their exquisite perfume bottles are crafted in French workshops and housed in elegant wooden packaging—an embodiment of nature's luxury.

And so, guests were transported on a fragrant journey, discovering the brand and story. Accompanying the evening was Champagne, tantalising canapés, and a selection of the finest Nestar chocolates —  shared by the founder of Nestar herself, Elizabeth Simaliak. 


We wanted to extend a special thank you to Jill Timms for collaborating with us on this, we are so proud to introduce MarieJeanne exclusively to Australia and share this stunning fragrance house of elegance and sustainability with you.

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