Crushing on Pink Pepper & Rhizome

When it comes to the world of perfumery, few ingredients have garnered as much attention as pink pepper. Despite its misleading name, pink pepper, also known as pink peppercorn, Baie rose, pink berry, or poivre rosé, offers a unique aromatic experience that sets it apart from its kitchen counterpart, black pepper.

We’re delving into the captivating qualities of pink pepper today and its prominent role in the mesmerising Rhizome Crushed Symphony Eau De Parfum.

Unraveling the Essence of Pink Pepper:
Pink pepper possesses a striking red berry aroma, often characterised by a citrusy-woody-rosy character. Unlike the fiery heat associated with black pepper, perfumers describe the scent of pink pepper as a fresh and spicy floral note with a herbal top note and rosy nuance. This versatile ingredient carries a subtle sweetness that adds a beautiful nuance to fragrances. Its unique aroma is not limited to the fragrance industry; pink pepper is also commonly used in recipes and food preparation, demonstrating its diverse appeal.

A Member of the Cashew Family:
It may come as a surprise, but pink pepper is a member of the cashew family. Native to Peru and Chile, the bright red berries grow on shrubs and trees belonging to the Anacardiacee family. The Pink Peppercorn Tree was even considered a sacred tree to the ancient Incas. Over time, the Brazilian pepper, a variation of pink peppercorn, was introduced to Florida as an ornamental plant and rapidly gained the nickname "Florida Holly."

Exploring Rhizome Crushed Symphony Eau De Parfum:
Rhizome Crushed Symphony Eau De Parfum exemplifies the allure of pink pepper in a young and contemporary unisex fragrance. Looking at how the olfactory symphony of scents you can see see the remarkable blend of notes that makes this fragrance an irresistible masterpiece.

Aromatic Spice:

Sweet Orange 
Saffron Flower
Pink Pepper

Warm Flowery:

Turkish Roses.
Black Pepper

Amber Woody:

Vanilla Berries

Pink pepper, with its citrusy-woody-rosy aroma, plays a significant role in the captivating Rhizome Crushed Symphony Eau De Parfum. Its enchanting qualities, alongside other carefully curated notes, create a symphony of scents that exude boldness and charm.

Explore the harmonious blend of ingredients in this unisex fragrance and experience the allure of the popular pink pepper scent.

Rhizome Crushed Symphony

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