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The Accords

Top notes of juniper berry E.O., lime E.O., clary sage E.O. of Provence and grapefruit.
Mid notes of cypress E.O., Timor pepper E.O. and sandalwood E.O.
Base notes of white musk, balsam fir absolute and atlas cedar E.O.

The Fragrance

The juniper berry takes a bold stance from the get-go; nicely touched with a combination of mild hints from the lime, sage and grapefruit, which gives the fragrance complexity. There’s a clear distinction when moving into the mid and base notes, which are filled with woody, resinous and spicy aromas that transport you to a damp-floored forest at first light. You’re left with the sophisticated scents of the rich and fruity balsam fir paired with a long-lasting white musk.

The Perfumer

Lucien Ferrero