Shower Gel

When it comes to cleansing your body, your skin deserves the very best. You require a complete clean that doesn’t compromise on the conditioning and health of your skin.

Laboratorio Olfattivo brings you the perfect luxury shower gel and body wash products to remove impurities while offering the hydration you need to keep your skin supple, smooth and silky. Best of all, each luxury body wash and shower gel product offers a high-quality fragrance that is sure to awaken and stimulate the senses.

When you’re cleansing with a premium shower gel, your bath time is transformed from being a mere part of your routine to an activity that you’ll savor. Your body is getting a gentle, yet effective cleanse while your nose gets superior aromatherapy that renews, restores and reinvigorates.

Your love of the finer things in life should extend to your personal care products. Start your new journey with one of our premium shower gels or body soaps, many of which are also effective on the hair as well.




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