Masters' Collection

Step up your style with the Masters Collection which comprises of four unique 100ml Eau de Parfums. Soon also available in a 30ml travel size. Each perfume is created by a master perfumer, exclusively for Laboratorio Olfattivo. 

Lucien Ferrero a Maitre Pefumer, who created Vetiverso and Tantrico an expert in the field of perfumery. Lucien has signed off on about 50,000 perfume formulas to date. He is a true perfume master.

Jean- Claude Ellena who created Baliflora and Tuberosis has been the nose for Hermes since 2004 and created some of the worlds most alluring scents. He has collaborated with Laboratorio Olfattivo founder Roberto Drago to create two perfumes born from their passion for fragrance.

Premium fragrances that are crafted by brilliant artisans can be yours to truly ascend to a new level of elegance and sophistication. Choose from any of our best in class products to treat your senses to the unparalleled bliss of fine Italian perfume. 

As a connoisseur for the finer things in life, you don’t compromise when it comes to your personal sense of style,why would you? These unisex fragrances are sourced from high-quality ingredients that will elevate your sense of style and individuality to the next level.

You can  explore each  fragrance story from our Masters Collection with the Discovery Set. Let yourself be indulged with only the very best from Laboratorio Olfattivo and sample all four of the Masters Collection perfumes in the Discovery Set. Comprising 4 x 3ml samples of each scent. The perfect gift or personal treat for fragrance connoisseurs.

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