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When it comes to fragrances, the best perfumes are not only made from the finest ingredients, but help to enhance the mood. They can set the tone of joy, drama, romance and intrigue. 

Whatever your mood, it is our pleasure to bring you the best selling products from Laboratorio Olfattivo, a niche Italian perfume house. We include their most popular Eau de Parfum curated to help you live a life of uncompromising style and elegance.

From top selling perfumes to room sprays and diffusers, Lusso Collective brings you distinct fragrances for every aspect of your life. Each product is created gender neutral and is a symphony of high-quality ingredients that awaken and delight your senses. 

Each perfume is carefully crafted by a world leading perfumer. Who has complete freedom and access to the best ingredients in the world, to produce a unique Eau de Parfum.

Choose from any of our most popular items to cultivate a mood that reflects your appreciation for life’s finer joys. Set your preferred style with your favourite Laboratorio Olfattivo fragrances today.




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