Pierre Guillaume

In an attempt to recreate the spiced tobacco accords of a precious cigar case owned by his father, chemist Pierre Guillaume composed his first fragrance at the age of only 25. Receiving critical acclaim across the perfume world for his creative innovation, this marked the beginning of a career including his very own collection titled Pierre Guillaume – Parfumerie Générale.

Manipulating exotic and unusual ingredients from across the globe, Guillaume uses clever techniques coined by the chemist himself in order to maximise the character of his creations. Edgy, ambitious and unique, these authentic fragrances are sure to take you on a sensory journey showcasing rare and sensual ingredients, from rare ambers and unusual leathers, to precious gourmands and elegant florals.

In collaboration with Italian perfume house Laboratorio Olfattivo, his creativity and talent lends itself to Daimiris and Esvedra. 

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