Floral Perfume

Laboratorio Olfattivo, is a niche, high-end perfume house creating fragrances that provoke a sense of excitement, intrigue and romance. Experience your new favourite floral scent to complement your distinctive and unrivaled sense of style and refinement.

Fall in love with refreshing floral notes fashioned into unique formulas made from the finest ingredients available, created by the best perfume makers in the industry.

Flowers offer some of nature’s most intoxicating and prized aroma compounds that elevate your level of grooming. There’s no need to settle for overpowering fragrances made with inferior ingredients. Laboratorio Olfattivo’s fine fragrances marry well with your body’s chemistry helping you present your best and truest self to the world.

Discover why Decou-Vert or Rosamunda is every bit as sophisticated and chic as you. Or try Nun, our best selling floral perfume.

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