Marie Duchêne

Combining her affinity for chemistry with a passion for perfume, Marie Duchene was first introduced to the history of perfume and the art of fragrance chemistry at the Institut Supérieur International du Parfum, de la Cosmétique et des Arômes Alimentaires in Versailles. 

A love for blending raw and unrefined ingredients took Duchene to Grasse, where she began honing her skills in various fragrance businesses. Inspired by those she met along the way, the artisan set up her very own perfumery in 2002. Since, MD Fragrances has combined decades of experience and expertise with the highest quality raw materials and steadfast craftsmanship to create the most luxurious of scents for clients, including niche Italian perfume houses, Laboratorio Olfattivo and Maison Tahite.

In collaboration with the Italian artisans, Duchene has lent her nose to a variety of scents, from Need_U and Noblige, to Rosamunda, Alkemi and Tonkade, as well as best selling Cozumel. Not to mention Maison Tahite’s collection of vanilla inspired scents - Vanillade and Vanilla2. 

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