Introducing 2 New Fragrances To Viaggio in Italia

“Because I only know how to create with joy, I wanted to create fragrances which would sing of Italy, of joie de vivre and hope, with citrus fruits, the fruits that bring sunshine in winter. The first was called Parfum Cologne Mandarino, the next are Parfum Cologne Limone and Parfum Cologne Bergamotto” — Jean-Claude Ellena

Celebrating the incredible warmth and joy for life, that is so characteristically Italian, master perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena has lent his craftsmanship and passion for citrus to his newest creation for Laboratorio Olfattivo — Viaggio in Italia.

The collection provides a set of three, distinct fragrances available through the Lusso Collective eBoutique. Each embodying their own unique interpretation of the fragrances that characterise the Italian landscape, from bitter orange and bergamot, to lemon, ginger and mandarin. 

In addition to the best selling parfum cologne, Mandarino, the fine fragrances of Limone and Bergamotto are exemplified by the rare, and carefully selected ingredients found inside in a true representation of artisanal perfume-making. 


A citrus explosion inspired by the lemon orchards dotting the winding roads of the Amalfi Coast, the sparkling notes of Italian lemon come through immediately. Complemented by the sharply spiced aroma of fresh ginger and orange leaf, finishing with the earthiness of white musk.


Emulating the inherent happiness that characterises the nature of the Italian people, Bergamotto blends the fresh sweetness of Calabrian bergamot with the sharpness of bitter orange. Developing with spiced notes of cardamom and earthy aroma of white musk in a true celebration of citrus. 

Sure to tantalise the fragrance connoisseur, the collection is also available to sample via the Discovery Set, offering an exclusive opportunity to explore the complexity of each unique fragrance from the collection with 3x3ml samples.

Housed in our sleek signature 100ml ‘Laboratory’ bottle, with a fresh emerald stain and embossed gold plate, it's not only a perfect gift, but the ultimate personal treat for those who truly appreciate the nuanced art behind high-quality fragrances.

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