3 Ways To Improve Your Home/Office While In Coronavirus Lock Down

With the coronavirus forcing most of us to work remotely, there has never been a better time to jazz up your space. Whether you’re converting your dining table into a zoom-conference meeting room, or clearing out your dusty-desk, it’s time to make your pad a tad more exciting.

While the whole idea of working from home isn't ideal, we’ve compiled a list of 3 ways to improve your home/office set up - all without ever needing to leave the house.

1. Paint a feature wall

Say goodbye to your off-white-smoked-stained wall. New to the scene are Tint, a technology-first paint brand who have created a physical device which you can match any colour with (no more old-school swatches). They then create the exact colour you’ve scanned with the device and send everything you need directly to your door. If you’re not after a custom colour, they’ve curated an amazing collection from the most sought after scanned colours from around the world. 

Tint Paint - Lusso Collective

2. Get hands-on with Crockd pottery

Pottery a-la-maison, perfect. A DIY pottery kit delivered to your door with everything you need to open your next market stall in Byron Bay. Get your hands dirty and keep your mind clear, creating whatever object you desire. A mug? A pen holder? The options are endless…. A crafternoon well spent!

Crockd Pottery - Lusso Collective

3. Indulge your senses with our Home Fragrances.

Laboratorio Olfattivo Home Fragrances are a collection of diffusers and room sprays which was born out of the passion for perfumery. The aim is to create refined and enchanting spaces through the sense of smell. Perfect for any setting, the Laboratorio Olfattivo Home Fragrance Collection will add that extra oomph to your space, with rich scents from a variety of scarce ingredients found inside. Take Arancio in Fiore for example, transporting you to the Sicilian coast with its aromatic orange blossom, or Biancofiore, reminiscent of time spent in the Tuscan countryside with fresh lilies and jasmin. With these Italian-made Home Fragrances, you’ll feel connected with better times spent abroad.

Laboratorio Olfattivo Home Fragrance


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