Explore the exclusive new additions to Laboratorio Olfattivo's home fragrances

Introducing the newest additions to the Laboratorio Olfattivo Home Fragrances collection - Agrumeto & Di Vino.  

Laboratorio Olfattivo understands the need to curate your individual space not just with furnishings, but with home fragrances that foster feelings of comfort, peace and true relaxation.

Born from a passion for the olfactory experience and crafted by skilled artisans, our luxurious collection of home fragrances has expanded to include two enchanting new scents, available both in our best selling  100ml room spray, as well as the 200ml diffuser. 


With the popularity of our beautiful Agrumeto liquid soap, we are excited to present the addition of a luxurious room spray and diffuser in this best selling scent.

Beautifully replicating the scent of an Italian orchard on a warm spring afternoon, the explosion of energy brought on by this bright scent brings a vibrant freshness to any space. Truly celebrating citrus, the Agrumeto home collection will fill your home with the scents of orange, mandarin and grapefruit. Complemented by a subtle sweetness from the combination of blackcurrant and flowering jasmine, it’s sure to leave you dreaming of an Italian getaway.

Di Vino

New to Australia, this velvety new home scent is available in both a room spray and diffuser.

A truly fruity fragrance, Di Vino awakens the senses and offers up a kaleidoscope of emotions. Combining sharp top notes of grapefruit peel with the soft sweetness of vineyard peach, red fruits and orange blossom, followed by a luxurious balance of spiced vanilla notes and mysterious smoked woods, it is sure to bring a sense of sensuality and comfort to any space.

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