5 ways to share the love with your favourite small businesses

With states right across the country once again opting to issue stay at home orders, the small businesses at the heart of our economy are feeling the pressure more than ever. But whether you’re looking to shop self care, special occasions or just your weekly groceries, there are plenty of ways to support your favourite small businesses, from the local coffee connoisseurs, to the up and coming designers single handedly styling Melbourne. 

Here are 5 simple ways to share the love.

Swap the supermarket chains for ethical grocers
As a hub for all things food, wine and culture, Melbourne has an endless list of local suppliers with high quality produce on offer. For ethical, sustainable and local groceries, no one does it better than Hagen’s Organics. A second-generation family-run butcher, Hagen’s delivers organic meat and produce from family farms, direct to your door. 

Forego the delivery apps and order direct from local eateries
With restaurants, cafes and bars once again closed to dine-in customers, check with your favourite local haunts for pick up and delivery options. With delivery services often charging a significant commission, shopping directly with your favourite local eateries means more money in their pockets, and helps keep their doors open. 

Keep ordering from your favourite small businesses
Whether it's some self care skincare, a handmade candle or even a gift for your nearest and dearest, there are endless boutiques offering a plethora of beautiful handmade goods. From the artistic hub of Fitzroy, our friends at Flowers Vasette have a beautiful selection of seasonal flowers, foliage and gift sets available for next-day delivery across Melbourne. 

Swap fast fashion for local designers 
While it might be more convenient to shop a cheap garment online, it’s a lot more satisfying to shop for threads from local boutiques. The epitome of made in Melbourne, local menswear brand Informale blends style and sustainability with seasonal staples that stand the test of time. 

Show your appreciation, even if you can’t spend
From boosting their content on social media, to commenting with words of encouragement, helping spread the word is a meaningful way to share the love. Words of support can also do wonders for the mental health of small business owners and their staff, knowing they have their community behind them. 

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