Woody Perfume

When it comes to fragrances that stir up feelings of comfort and home, few scents meet the mark like a woody perfume. Redolent woods such as cedarwood and sandalwood serve as the foundation for superior, unisex fragrances that bring to mind a day at the beach or a relaxed, fireside wind down.

Laboratorio Olfattivo offers you woody perfume scents that both soothe and awaken the senses, to suit whatever mood you’re in.

For centuries, wood has lent aromatic beauty to spaces and bodies. Instantly create a vibe with woody perfume scents that tantalise, flirt and calm. No matter your gender, there’s a perfume that should become a part of your collection and your scent of choice when it’s time to impress, allure and provoke.

Choose a premium wood-based scent combination that redefines what it means to dress up or dress down. We particularly like CozumelThis perfume has top notes of basil, but are immediately met with the whisky and maple notes of tobacco. You feel like you're walking along the Mexican coast line on a hot day.

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