Spicy Perfume

Turn up the heat and the passion with premium Eau de Parfums layered with spicy ingredients. Each perfume is created by a renowned perfumer and is available exclusively from Laboratorio Olfattivo.

You’ll love the warmth afforded in these high-end fragrances that are formulated by skilled artisans using the planet’s finest ingredients. Ignite your personal style with Alambar or Vanhera that leverage the warmth of rich spices and peppers.

They are truly a treat for your olfactory senses and sure to become a favourite element of your personal care routine. Each scent is truly unisex and can be worn by anyone with the love of all things spicy and sensual.

A fragrance with spicy ingredients, lends itself to  drama, passion and richness in your personal style. Whether you’re headed out for a night on the town or enjoying quality time at home, there’s a spicy scented perfume that’s perfect for you.

When you’re committed to enjoying the best that life has to offer, your choice in perfume and grooming should reflect your refined tastes. Never settle.

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