Luca Maffei

From the nose of independent perfumer Luca Maffei, comes Laboratorio Olfattivo’s best selling Nun, MyLO, Vanhera and Sacreste. 

Born into a true perfume family as the son of fragrance executive Marco Maffei, the perfume master originally pursued a job in the business side of the fragrance before setting his sights on the creativity that comes with being a perfumer. Studying under Madame Françoise Marin and Vincent Ricord, saw him enter the Scent of Excellence Contest at Esxence that saw him make a name for himself in the world of elite perfumers.  

Since, Maffei has approved more than 50 scent creations for niche brands - his fascination for the alchemy of blending raw materials has seen two of his creations receive the Art and Olfaction Award in the independent category. 

Luca Maffei

Nun by Laboratorio Olfattivo


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MyLO by Laboratorio Olfattivo


From $145.00
Nun | Shower Gel by Laboratorio Olfattivo Out of stock

Nun | Shower Gel

Vanhera by Laboratorio Olfattivo


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Sacreste by Laboratorio Olfattivo


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Nun | Body Lotion

Nun | Hair Mist

Nun | Hair Mist