Positano. A feast for the senses.

By Gill Whelan.

Say the word ‘Positano’ and you conjure images of colourful hotels and houses hugging the hillside, deckchairs lined up on the crescent beach and pretty cobbled streets overhanging with wisteria in bloom.  It’s a town that has the uncanny ability to radiate coastal glamour whilst still maintaining a more low key southern-Italian holiday feel.


Located on the famed Amalfi Coast, Positano is arguably the highest profile jewel amongst the cluster of towns that dot the coastline. Whilst attracting tourists all year round, it really shows off in the summer months when the weather is reliably hot, rain is elusive and the beautiful people arrive en masse.


 A visit to Positano is a feast for the senses.  The town looks different hour by hour as the sunlight plays off the coloured facades, with a particular beauty in the magic hour as the sun sets.  It may be easy to swan around on the foreshore but any further exploration will take stamina; you’ll need to navigate steps as a matter of course and it’s wise to factor this in when packing footwear and when packing full stop. Those suitcases won’t move themselves up steep and sometimes narrow steps.


Lemons are a constant theme throughout the town, both in the fresh cuisine but also as an emblem of the area.  You’ll find them featured on everything from sundresses to cookware in the treasure trove of gift shops that dot the streets.  High fashion sits alongside kitschy souvenirs in a riot of colour that attracts serious shoppers as well as cruise ship day trippers. 

While shopping and looking around the local artisan stores you'll feel right at home after you've spritzed a little Esvedra onto your sun kissed skin. Pierre Guillaume took inspiration from the island of Es Vedra in the Mediterranean. It's a light, aromatic citrus scent. Perfect for a day of wondering around the cobbled pathways.


You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to dining but for an exquisite meal and a really fun experience, pop on a boat at the pier at Positano for the 5 minute journey to Da Adolfo.  Simple, traditional, delicious food is served in a beach shack vibe. Wander up for lunch from your deck chair on the beach (no need to change out of your swimmers) and then spend the afternoon floating in the cool, clear water. 


Few would argue that sunset is the most magical time of the day in Positano.  The heat slowly dissipates and the hillside houses change colour yet again to earthier tones.  Sun kissed day trippers make their way up the hill to their lodgings while others emerge, resplendent in the spoils of a retail foray, ready for all that the night may bring.


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