Packing Essentials for Summer in Italy

Italy is the home of Renaissance, ‘la dolce vita’, pizza and typically colourful hand gestures, and in summer, Italy well and truly comes alive. If you’ve had enough of scrolling through images of your friends and family in Italy all over Instagram and have decided to see it for yourself, these are the packing essentials (in addition to basic clothing and underwear) that you need.

Packing Cubes

Before you even start thinking about what to throw in your suitcase, just stop for a minute, take a deep breath and find yourself a set of packing cubes. A packing trick for those in the know, once you've travelled with packing cubes we bet you’ll never go back. Top tip: separate your garments by fabric type, from silks to linen or cotton, to ensure they stay crisp and fresh during your travels.

Rule number one when it comes to packing: don’t forget a fresh pair of shades with UV protection to protect your pupils. Whether you’re after the classic kind of vibe, or if you’re more a ‘go big or go home’ there’s plenty of frames to suit all face types. Go one better than the typical styles that everyone else is rocking with a unisex pair from Acne Studios, or Linda Farrow Luxe so you’ll have no reason not to protect your eyes.

Comfortable footwear

During the summer season, the temperature will be scorching which means you will need to pack a variety of light pool slides, sandals, and sneakers. Some days will call for open-toed footwear like these Rick Owens x Birkenstock sandals and when the temperature drops at night, a pair of classic low-rise white sneakers like these from Common Projects will instantly amplify your look.


Never, ever underestimate the importance of packing your favourite toiletries for your travels. Yes, they will take up the valuable real estate in your suitcase, and of course, you can pick up some body wash or shampoo at ‘la farmacia’ along the way in Italy. But, what you might not realise is that packing a few essentials that exist as part of your daily routine will ensure you are ready for the day.

Swim shorts

The best place to escape the sizzling summer temperatures in Italy is, of course, by the beach. While there are ample naturist beaches across the country, it’s best to pack a pair of shorts to guarantee access to all of the beaches and lakes in Italy. If your wardrobe normally takes on a neutral palate back home, an Italian sojourn is the perfect time to experiment with bold patterns and colours. If you pack strategically, you might find some swim shorts can in fact, double as shorts for day wear. For a classic pair, check out Orlebar Brown.

Linen shirt

Just remember; linen will be your best friend when roaming around the Italian countryside. Not only do linen shirts look great, it’s one of the strongest natural fibres in the world, and is naturally moisture-wicking so you can keep your cool and enjoy your Aperol Spritz uninterrupted.

Workout gear

It might not be the first activity that comes to mind when planning your trip to Italy, but you won’t regret packing a pair shorts, a running top and trainers. This outfit can be worn during long travel days, or when you’re in the mood to hike along the trails in the Dolomites, the Cinque Terre region or along the Amalfi Coast to name a few.

Miscellaneous items

  • Portable charger to ensure you never need to run back to your hotel to charge your phone or devices.
  • Quick-drying, microfiber towel to use at the beach.
  • A cap to stop the sun beating down on your face. You would be surprised how strong the UV rays can be. Whether it be an on-trend felt hat or a baseball cap, keep your head out of the sun and protect your face during your travels.
  • Reusable water bottle to reduce your impact on the environment. The recommended consumption amount is one or two litres per day or perhaps even more if you are hiking or walking under the Italian sun.
  • A light jacket might seem unnecessary, but if you have room, it is best to be prepared to experience four seasons in a day; especially if you’re travelling in the shoulder season.
  • Travel documents, including your passport (and a photocopy) along with booking confirmation of all hotels and flights.
  • Get snap happy and make those fleeting Italian memories last a lifetime by packing a small camera.
  • Small backpack or tote bag for day wear.
  • Travel notebook for those moments when inspiration strikes on the road.
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