Mothers & Memories — The Magic Of Fragrance

"When I was very very little, my Mum had a bottle of perfume and because I loved that bottle so much and asked about it, I learned about the concept of making yourself smell nice for your own pleasure."

This comment appeared on a forum that asked fragrance lovers to describe 'The Scents Of Our Mothers'.

Smell is the only fully developed sense we have in the womb and the strongest sense for the first 10 years of life. The way we process scent takes it directly to the limbic system, linking it with emotion and memory — meaning that childhood memories and scent are strongly intertwined from the very moment we are born, beginning with our mothers.

It's no wonder so many of us fondly remember a particular hand cream or perfume favoured by our mothers, grandmothers and other significant women in our lives.

As the quote above describes, our mothers are often our first frame of reference as we develop our sense of selves, as we learn what we like, and take cues from them in matters of taste and personal presentation.

It is said that on her first date with Prince Harry, the current Duchess of Sussex chanced to wear a perfume so similar to one favoured by his late mother Princess Diana that the pair couldn't help but form an instant bond.

The concept of 'making yourself smell nice for your own pleasure' is an ageless one that can be imparted through generations of fragrance lovers. Mother's Day is a wonderful occasion to give back to the women who taught us what we know with a new fragrance thoughtfully chosen for their current preferences.

There's also a brief and precious window of opportunity to gift fragrance to a new mother, which could add an extra layer to the lifelong bond of love and memories shared between her and her baby.

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