Easter with Ortigia

Easter is traditionally a time for new beginnings. In the Northern Hemisphere the holiday falls in the spring, a season that sees the citrus groves of Sicily studded with thousands of new zagara — orange blossoms — and its many parks and time-worn gardens bloom with multicoloured petals both wild and tropical.

It's a season where the island refreshes itself from the inside out, a break in the cycle before the sun-baked summer, sultry amber autumn and stillness of winter return to complete another year. It's an opportunity not just for nature but for humankind to look inwards and see what might be in need of renewal.

Even small acts reflect the spirit of rebirth — such as debuting your new signature fragrance. Ortigia's FLORIO and ZAGARA were created from natural ingredients distilled during a Sicilian springtime, making them a fitting complement to the occasion.

FLORIO evokes the tranquil beauty of a Sicilian meadow with a wearable bouquet of delicate narcissus, wild iris, sensual passionflower and opulent, heady jasmine.

ZAGARA sweetens neroli petitgrain with honey and orange blossom, before threading it with an almost religious infusion of spice and sandalwood.

If you're staying with friends this Easter, a gorgeously illustrated tin of fragrant soap bars or a statement bottle of hand wash make the perfect thank-you gift. Should you find yourself needing a change, treat yourself to an EDP or roll-on perfume oil.

How will renewal be showing up in your life this Easter?


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