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Lusso Collective is thrilled to launch another European fragrance brand to perfume lovers in Australia and New Zealand.

Roads Fragrances, or ROADS, is the first Irish label to join Lusso Collective’s range, founded in 2013 by entrepreneur, actor and multi-talented creative Danielle Ryan. 

Conceptualised in Dublin and produced in France, ROADS is already sold in Europe’s most prestigious department stores, including Liberty & Harvey Nichols in the UK and Ireland. It’s set to launch in the UAE, Serbia and Romania via local boutiques in the coming months, as well as through Neiman Marcus in the US. 


“I absolutely adore this modern perfume house and the joy each of the perfumes bring.” — LC Founder & Director, Sylvie Murray


Prior to creating ROADS, Ryan — an alumna of London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) — founded the Lir Academy (Ireland’s National Academy of Dramatic Art) in partnership with RADA and Trinity College Dublin. 

It was working in theatre production that led Ryan to found Roads Fragrances. Whilst toying with using perfumes in a play for a more immersive, 4D experience, she became fascinated by the concept of (literally) setting the stage through scent, and began to realise "the potential of perfumes as personal atmospheres".

Ryan sought out talented perfumers to turn inspirations from people, places, cultural movements, books, films, technology, nature, power, and even emotions into unique, evocative scents.

These explorations resulted in 18 perfumes that reflect her curiosity for far-flung corners of the world and those special, intangible experiences that exist only in the mind. 

Says Ryan, “It’s not about me. The perfumes are based on the interesting concepts I find around me, but ultimately the scent will connect to the wearer for their own reasons.”

The ROADS range is divided into three collections: CORE, AFRICA & ASIA. 

The 10-piece CORE collection is the backbone of the brand’s offering, “an exploration into world culture, landscape, and art.” Perfume bottles in the series are grey; mirroring the blank slate that each fragrance presents to the wearer.

The 4-piece AFRICA collection represents a ‘collaboration of cultures, where inspirational African ingredients are combined under the influence of literature, art and dance’. Each bottle in the series is a light green, representing the continent’s diverse and vibrant cultures.

The 4-piece ASIA collection navigates the continent, delving into aspects of contemporary culture in distinct locations — like floating markets in India, Tokyo nightlife, and its high-energy tech scene. The perfume bottles for this collection are red, a colour that signifies joy, purity, life, sacredness, and prosperity in many Asian cultures. 

Reflecting Ryan's lifelong love of the Arts, each fragrance is represented by a custom artwork commissioned from creatives around the world — offering a unique visual interpretation of each scent. 

Ryan personally curates the artworks selected for each collection, seeking artists from across the continents for a truly global touch.

The otherwise minimalist packaging serves as a frame for each composition, meaning that like a painting hung in a gallery, the wearer can draw their own interpretations of the notes. ROADS is never prescriptive — it merely presents potential and offers encouragement. 

Like the theatre where it all began, each ROADS perfume sets the stage for the wearer to live their own story on any given day.

17 fragrances from ROADS’ three collections have now launched in Australia and New Zealand exclusively through Lusso Collective’s online boutique — explore them now!

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