Best Fragrances For Winter

From the noses of true perfume masters, and formulated by skilled Italian artisans, our favourite winter inspired scents offer a luxurious sense of comfort and familiarity. A treat for the olfactory senses, each is truly unisex and designed to be worn by anyone with a love for spicy and sensual.
When it comes to fragrances that bring about feelings of warmth, few scents meet the mark like blends showcasing the scents of redolent woods, smokiness and spice, with hints of a subtle sweetness to complete.
Sure to bring to mind an evening spent by a crackling fire, or a crisp forest stroll, these scents by Laboratorio Olfattivo are definitely going to garner compliments all season long.

Vetyverso  — Lucien Fererro
A favourite from our Masters Collection. 
With lightly spiced notes of orange, nutmeg and pepper, Vetyverso offers an unparalleled sensory experience through the sense of smell. With deep, smokey base notes complemented by the muted woody undertones of cedar and sandalwood, it transitions into light pepper and the unique strength of vetiver for a masculine charm. 

Nerosa — David Maruitte
The luxurious scent of saffron makes way for floral mid notes of rose and geranium. Finishing with end notes of sandalwood and leather, Nerosa leaves a trail of warmth and earthiness, completed by deep base notes of leather for a powerful fragrance bound to impress.  

Sacreste — Luca Maffei
The complexity of Sacreste gives you a range of different notes that evolve over time. Opening with exquisite notes of incense, elemi and black pepper, it blooms to reveal deeper notes of wood and musk for a bold fragrance that truly makes an impact. 

Vanhera — Luca Maffei
This fragrance battles between the traditional confines of vanilla scents, with unorthodox spice and hints of wood. With peppery aromas complemented by cardamom and cinnamon, Vanhera blooms into a lighter fragrance offering sweet notes of vanilla and amber. The lasting scent of pepper lingering throughout, for a persuasive and passionate fragrance. 

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