A Look At 4 Natural Sicilian Ingredients

Ortigia takes pride in creating all-natural luxury fragrances using soulful ingredients found naturally across the island of Sicily. Not only are the perfumes and products formulated with natural bases like olive oil and vegetable glycerine, but the divine scents that set them apart are distilled from plants and flowers that flourish in Sicilian soil.
Allow us to take you on an in-depth tour of one key Sicilian ingredient from each of the four Ortigia fragrances carried by Lusso Collective:
Fico D'India
'Fico D'India' (Indian Fig)
Also known as the 'prickly pear' for the exotic fruit it bears, the Fico D'India cactus has an incredible portfolio of benefits and uses, allegedly brought back to Europe from Mexico by Columbus.bThe spiny silhouette of this huge plant sees it regularly used as natural deterrent fencing, and its high nutrient content sees locals rub the juice on their skin to heal wounds and scratches gained from farming. The fruit itself is sweet and delicious — if you have the patience to peel and de-seed it!
'Zagara' (Orange Blossom)
In Sicilian dialect, 'zagara' refers to the tiny, fragrant orange blossoms that bloom in the island's sprawling citrus groves and are distilled to make the Zagara fragrance. Queen Victoria set the tradition of brides wearing orange blossoms, and Middle Eastern cuisine (whose influence can be tasted in Sicily) often sweetens desserts using orange blossom-flavoured water. The sweet, fresh aroma is also said to ease anxiety and stress — perhaps that's why it's favoured by brides?
Ambra Nera
'Ambra Nera' (Black Amber)
Sicily has been trading its amber since at least the 4th millennium BCE, predating Baltic amber by at least two thousand years. While commonly used in jewellery and spiritual practices, its application in perfume is just as alluring. The gem itself is not actually distilled for perfume; the 'black amber' in Ortigia's Ambra Nera scent is a perfume accord mimicking the complex fragrance of amber resin with a blend of essences like labdanum, benzoin and vanilla.

'Passiflora' (Passionflower)
Not dissimilar to grapes, passionflower emits a sweet, tropical fragrance befitting Sicily's Mediterranean climate, and grows best in the island's humid, seaside soil. It is said to have calming properties that can aid sleep and anxiety. Interestingly, the 'passion' part of passion flower refers not to lust but the Passion of Jesus Christ, as its petals and sepals are said to symbolise His crown of thorns and the number of apostles who remained faithful to Him.
And there you have it — next time someone asks what fragrance you're wearing, you can explain it with the knowledge and sophistication of a true connoisseur. Inspired by a particular ingredient?
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