Decou-Vert | Shower Gel


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Our stunning Laboratorio Olfattivo shower gels are rich in honey, plant proteins, wheat, oats and d-panthenol - also known as the 'beauty vitamin'. Soft and gentle, our gels deeply moisturizes the skin, leaving it feeling smooth, perfumed and silky. They can also be used on both the body and hair. 

The Accords

Top notes of lily of the valley and green leaves.
Mid notes of lilac, jasmine and magnolia.
Base notes of musks, lightwoods and magnolia’s pollen.

The Fragrance

The floral notes are immediately recognised and feature throughout this fragrance’s journey. It’s simple, yet complex in that there’s a variety of different notes, but they’re all working towards one goal. And that’s making it feel like summer all the time. Look around, you’re in a paddock of fresh greenery, surrounded by bees and birds without a cloud in the sky.

The Perfumer

David Maruitte